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right now. a police chase that ended with the dramatic car crash in oakland just a few hours ago. six people rushed to the hospital as we just got word that one of the passengers, they have died. ktvu alex savage is live for us, including the man hunt underway right now. alex? >> reporter: police at this point are looking for the driver of the suv, but i also want to tell you here that the sergeant on scene, they have confirmed toney a 19-year-old man was killed in this crash here. he was a passenger inside this stolen suv you're looking at right now. it was being chased this morning by chp officers. the suv was packed with eight people inside, coming down this hill when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. here was the scene around 3:30 this morning here on the drive in oakland. paramedics transported six passengers with various injuries. one of them later died. the pursue all began when police tried topping this suv when the driver of the suv took off. chp officers picked up the pursuit on the freeway in oakland. it's unclear if alcohol was involved here, but the sergean
in milbrae, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> good to hear she's going to be okay. thank you, kira. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left two people injured. police responded to 68th avenue and mcarthur believed at 5:30 yesterday afternoon after neighbors reported hearing gunshots gunshots a neighbor told abc7 news off-camera that a local cable technician ran to her for cover right after the shots were fired. >> comcast was here and he said it was gunshots can i come in and he came in and jumped on the floor. my kids was already on the floor. >> a short time later police responded to a car crash less than a mile away at edwards and near i-580. investigators believe that's where the victims crashed their car after being shot. two men in the car managed to take themselves to the hospital. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. >>> new this morning sonoma county sheriff's deputies are look for a hitchhiker they say stabbed a driver who gave him a lift last night near gurneville. the santa rosa press democrat reports the driver had a child in his car when he picked up that
no arrests have been made. >>> oakland police are investigating a a shooting that left two people injured. police responded to 68th and mccarver boulevard yesterday of a neighbors reported hearing gunshots they said a local cable technician ran to her for cover after the shots were fired. >> comcast was here he said can i come in and he came in and jumped on the floor. >> and the kids? >> my kids were already on the floor. >> a short time later police responded to a car crash less than a mile away. investigators believe that is where the victims crashed their car catch being shot. two men in the car managed to take themselves to the hospital. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. >>> new this morning, sonoma county sheriff's deputies are look for a hitchhiker they say stabbed a driver who gave him a lift last night. that was near gurneville. the santa rosa press democrat reports the driver had a child in his car when he picked up that hitchhiker near the stump town brewery on river road, and it happened around 7:30 last night. now investigators are not sure why, but say the
the nimitz 880 at oakland no delay between hayward and downtown. that's a check of "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> oakland city leaders are calling for a state of emergency in the city after a deadly weekend. and today, oakland city leaders and police are expected to announce a plan of action on how to deal with the gun violence. five people were shot at on seminary drive last night, multiple people injured, no one killed. there were a total of three nonfatal shootings yesterday. on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made. some city leaders say it's time to bring in the national guard to patrol the streets and many residents support that idea. >> even if they make us uncomfortable, anything -- but we are open to exploring ideas. >> i'm okay with that. let's do it! two thumbs up on that. let's do it! >> six people have already been killed in oakland so far in the new year. >>> two oakland men accused of a double homicide last fall are expected to enter pleas this afternoon. 15-year-
some of the folks have not had a hot shower since january 3rd. >> in the east bay now, has oakland hit rock bottom? several oakland city council members are pleading for state and federal help after a violent weekend in the city. the toll since friday, four people dead and a total of 15 people shot. nbc bay area jody hernandez is there on the scene. >> some here at city hall and across the city of oakland, everyone here in the city of oakland are calling for something to be done here to curb the violence, some say it's time to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency here in oakland. that after an incredibly violent weekend, 15 shootings took place across the city over the weekend. four of them fatal and many took place in daylight. it's time for city leaders to forget about the egoes and ask for more help. but the police chief say they are getting help from the california highway patrol, and alameda sheriff's deputies will be hitting the streets that is after help from the atf and u.s. marti marshals office. with the violence escalating, many say it's clearly not enough. >> we
here with us. . >>> a surge in violence in oakland has the mayor and police chief talking. we'll tell you why even one city leader wants to declare a state of emergency. >>> it's officially the worst flu season in years. how bay area hospitals are responding to this epidemic. >>> a man sent to the hospital early this morning after a fire breaks out inside this apartment. we'll tell you what his neighbors did to help rescue him. >>> plus, the word came from the white house a short time ago, president obama is about to hold his first new conference of the new year. mornings on 2 begins right now. >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >>> good morning. i'm tori campbell. gunfire at a birthday party capped off another violent weekend in oakland. four people were killed, 11 others wounded. ktvu's tara moriarty is in oakland this morning. she tells us the surge in violence has one city leader calling for a state of emergency. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. the spike in violence did lead to a conference call early saturday morning between the police chie
: exactly how oakland with do that remains to be seen. as far as a state of emergency or national guard it wasn't practical because it won't last. states of emergency only last for a certain period of time. second of all, politically, it would have been a black eye for the city of oakland and one they are not ready to take. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5. >> coming up at 6:00 the man tap to turn the oakland police department around has his ideas on how to curb the violence. why his plan may be met with stiff opposition, at 6:00. >>> in larkspur a 150-foot tree fell down hitting utility lines and smashing into a house across the street. it happened at around 11:30 this morning on the 300 block of baltimore avenue in the madrone canyon area. the huge redwood caused significant damage to the second story of the house. one person in the house was not injured. the tree also took down utility lines and about 70 customers lost power. officials believe roof decay had weakened the tree. >> overnight freezing temperatures made for a slick commute in the east ba
. he's christopher ebert stallworth of oakland. >>> 7:04. in a few hours, you can trade guns for cash. in marin county, it's part of the area's first-ever gun buyback event. organizers will take $200 for semi-automatic guns and $100 for other guns. you must bring proof of residency in order to take part. the five dropoff locations are open from 11:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. they include novato, the larkspur, st. andrew's church in marin city and the it point reyes sub-- and the point reyes substation. >>> president obama is reviewing a series of proposals from the vice president about curbing gun violence. coming up at 7:15, a new poll checks public support for gun control. >>> after prompting some furious reaction, today, the house will finally vote on giving an extra $51 billion to help the victims of superstorm sandy. the legislation includes two bills, one gives $17 billion in emergency funding. the other would include money for fema's disaster relief fund. but financial conservatives still oppose the bill. they feel some of that money would be used for things that have n
>> top stories that we are working on this saturday morning, january 26th. and oakland police officer was shot by suspect and has the city's police chief sending out a message of his own. >> authorities in the south bay are expecting a big turnout today for a gun buyback. find out how much they are born to pay you for your weapons. >> the sampras's go 49ers are getting ready to head to new orleans for the big game. we will take you to the practice facility to see how the team is shaping up. >> taking a look at the visibility. we are under a mile in novato. it is really dense fog and the east bay. you might want to give yourself extra time if you are heading out. >> it is 46 degrees currently in santa rosa. it is low 50's andwe do have a colt that is approaching us. this may bring us some spotty showers. we do not have any 60's on the board. it will be in mainly upper 50s. your full forecast is coming up. >> even after being shot in leg and successfully capture him and bring him into custody. >> a developing story out of oakland this morning after an officer is hospitalized in
more as we get it on air and online, nbcbayarea.com. >>> in oakland, assemblywoman nancy skinner introducing controversial legislation with the goal of curbing gun violence. the bill would tight regulations on ammunition sales here in the state of california. this is an initiative directly responding to the school shootings in newtown, connect, a deadly scene, where the gunman was found carrying high-capacity magazines. christie smith was there for that announcement and she joins us now with the details of this plan. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. state lawmakers and their supporters here in oakland know that they have a fight on their hands trying to regulate ammunition sales here in california, not just with the gun lobby but also with a number of people who think that something like this wouldn't be that effective, after all there is a black market here that you just can't regulate. they were led by assembly member skinner of berkeley and gathered in front of the state building to unveil ab 48 and they also held a moment of silence for the vict
. >>> a big announcement today from oakland police and city leaders there. they hope to share a plan of action after a deadly violent weekend in the city. five people shot on seminary drive last night multiple people injured but nobody killed. there were a total of three nonfatal shootings yesterday and on friday, four people were killed in separate incidents. no arrests have been made and some city leaders say they have just had enough. >> i think that not only a stat of emergency but we also need to call out, reach out to other law enforcement. if it's u.s. marshals, the sheriff, the state police, that's what oakland needs to immediately be able to deal with this crime issue. >> in the new year there have already been six homicides in oakland, last year 131 the most in six years. >>> this afternoon two oakland men accused of killing two girls scheduled to enter their pleas in court. 15-year-old rachel gerstle and bobbie sartain were killed in east oakland in late november. court documents show two men are charged with the murders. >>> a rape sus
ers fans are pouring into atlanta for tomorrow's championship game. >> oakland and california have these very strong gun-control laws, but i still have teenagers with ak-47's on the street. >> california leaders gathered in washington, and tonight they're talking gun control. a live report from d.c. after the break. >>> good evening, everybody. mavericks. it's a green light for sunday. we've got that forecast. plus rain, when it returns to the bay area. the details with the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. plus, get free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. but hurry, the special financing offer ends martin luther king, jr. day. don't miss the year end clearance sale at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the *public* swearing in is monday.
show of force. a critical part of oakland's plan to reduce violent crime is facing vocal opposition. protesters have gathered as the city's public safety commission prepares to vote on whether to higher one of the biggest names in policing. jodi hernandez joins us live from oakland city hall. that name, bratton, very divisive. >> reporter: it certainly is. dozens of protesters are inside city hall as we speak trying to put pressure on members of the city council's public safety committee to scrap its plans to bring bratton to town. though the city is dealing with an unbelievable crime rate, folks here believe that bratton is not part of the solution. people have gathered at oakland city hall to try to convince city leaders not to bring one of the nation's biggest names in law enforcement to town. bill bratton, former head of the nypd and lapd is ready to bring his expertise to oakland if the contract is approved to hire his team. >> i would love to see $250,000 go to community
a little bit earlier than that. otherwise here is a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland flowing nicely towards downtown. quiet golden gate bridge. they did some lane changes a little while ago so they have more southbound 101 lanes open now and mass transit including capitol corridor amtrak all on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> okay, liz, thanks. >>> 5:03 now. a dead body is discovered in sonoma county. investigators found a car in a no parking zone last night on petaluma road north of east cotati avenue near sonoma state university. the trunk was unlocked. when they opened it they found a body inside wrapped in a blanket. investigators believe it is linked to a crime in santa rosa but are not providing any details. >>> city leaders in oakland say gang activity is a big reason behind a surge of violence over the weekend. there were 16 shootings during a span of 72 hours that ended yesterday. four of the victims died. police chief howard jordan says 90% of the recent violence is traced to two feuding gangs and the murder of one
. controversial strategy to bring peace to oakland. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special sponsored 7-day graphic >>> finally tonight, a u.s. navy officer named timothy dorsey is up for promotion to admiral. whether he gets it may be determined by something he did a quarter century ago as an airman; something so bizarre, even he can't fully explain it. but it changed forever the life of fellow airman mike ross. and david martin has their story. >> reporter: mike ross was a young air force pilot flying reconnaissance missions in an f- 4 phantom jet. that's his plane during an exercise 25 years ago over the mediterranean, grainy video taken by a navy f-14. after taking a close look, the f-14 pilot did the unimaginable: he shot ross down. >> it took the tail off the airplane. >> reporter: ross ejected going 630 miles per hour, causing leg, shoulder and spinal injuries which have degenerated over the years, requiring 32 surgeries. >> ruined my life. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> basically
hospital with minor injuries darya. >> 5 people are recovering this morning after being shot in oakland. if the incident happened at a home on seminary avenue shortly before 8 last night. >> we are told all five victims are in stable condition. police said the suspects that the scene in a car in are still on the loose. >> across the bay, of marin county man is in custody after police say he forced his way into a san francisco a woman s apartment and assault her. >> officers arrested 25 year 0 jovan jones saturday after they were called to the womans telegraph hill apartment by a neighbor. >> jones tried to escape by jumping off a balcony. he was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of rape, burglary, robbery and other charges. >> to santa rosa brothers are in custody after fire an assault rifle at a home when there were thrown out of a party. >> the shooting was reported shortly before two yesterday morning on lutztown court. >> police say it tan jeep drove into the area of firing at the house and then collided with a parked car. >> witnesses told police that the two were involved
. ice on the roadway is to blame for this six- car crash in oakland this morning. in the north bay - a 150- foot tall redwood tree fell into a home. this was the scene on baltimore avenue, in larkspur. the tree came down - blocking a roadway - and smashing the two story home, just after 11-am. damage is said to be significant - one person was home at the time - but was not hurt. at last check - some power outages in the area. >> this was just after a 11:00 a.m.. the damages that to be significant. and thank goodness that person was not hurt. >> freezing cold on our facebook fan page. they have been sending these pictures and a take a look of this windshield. covered with frost. and we will be showcasing any pictures coming up later our kron-4 facebook fans have been sending in pictures of this freezing weather. here's a nice shot. in. you can message us on facebook - we'll be showcasing more photos.later in the show. >> pam: now to a developing story - a flu outbreak across the u-s. twenty children have died so far this flu season. here in california -- four adults are dead. and th
there this morning. again, a very cold morning and northbound 880 not too bad through oakland and south 880 looking good all the way into the south bay. frank. >> thank you. >>> al-jazeera has purchased san francisco-based "current tv." the "new york times" reports the deal could be worth as much as $500 million. it says it will rebrand al gore's "current tv" into a new channel called "al-jazeera america." meanwhile time warner cable incorporated announced it is dropping "current tv" as a result of this new deal. "current tv" will be part of five new u.s. bureaus operated by al-jazeera. according to the times some staff members may be able to stay on board but some shows may be dissolved this spring including the war room with former michigan governor general ever granholm and the gavin newsom show hosted by california's lieutenant governor. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton finally out of the hospital today after being treated for a blood clot near her brain. president clinton and their daughter chelsea on hand to take her home yesterday from the hospital. it was the first time she has been s
to 32. 42 in oakland. 47 in redwood city. 42 san jose. chilly start in sebastopol. 40 degrees in hillsburg to the east bay. 35 degrees for you in walnut creek. the winds again generally light. calm in napa as well as santa rosa. just a light breeze in oakland. livermore reporting calm conditions. it's right along the coastline and hills reporting gusty conditions. north westerly flow already settling in. that is drawing us out. that is why we are not seeing any fog out there. drier conditions already in place. we are seeing the cooler numbers as well. see just a little bit of moisture here dancing around unsettled weather in the forecast for today. should i mention that? it's almost an after thought. we have been seeing mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler. this system bringing colder air into the area. already settling in. filling it this morning and by the afternoon in addition to breezy conditions we can expect our temperatures to be below average. take a look at what i do expect for san rafael. 53 for san francisco. 54 in hayward. low to mid 50s in the north bay
deputy chief sis land february commanding the bureau of field operations. >>> oakland city leaders are not ready to declare the stated of emergency despite a sudden surge of violence over the weekend. there were 16 shootings during a span of 72 hours that ended yesterday. four victims died all within a six-hour stretch on friday. police chief howard jordan says most of the recent violence is traced to two feuding gangs. he says it's over the past several months about 90% of the city's shootings, robberies and homicides are all linked to a summer murder of a gang member's girlfriend. he would not identify the gangs involved. chief jordan says police have arrested one suspect and three persons of interest in connection with the shootings this past friday. >>> a nationally known police consultant to may be hired by oakland is an advocate for the stop and frisk tactic. the consultant, former los angeles police chief william bratton, says it's necessary to get illegal guns off the streets. but stop and frisk policies vary between cities and are under
will burn off. clearlake, 64. st. helena, 64. 56 antioch. 64 berkeley, oakland. mid-60s here. santa clara, 64. 60s on the coast. it should be beautiful. 63 redwood city, palo alto and mountain view atherton. we have a little bit more fog tomorrow and then here comes the cold surge dropping down thursday and friday. the mornings will be all right the -- i mean, it will be cold. but it will still be breezy. >>> 7:10. pleasant in -- police in pleasant hill have arrested a teenager accused of casing homes but another suspect is on the loose still. police are looking for this man, 28-year-old richard guerro because they say he and a 17- year-old boy were seen casing homes to burglarize saturday morning. a neighbor told police they were writing down information about the homes in the neighborhood. police found their car but officers say guerro managed to escape after leading them on a chase. >>> a new fish census shows reduced numbers of six types of fish in the past year, including the protected delta smelt. those numbers started to go down sharply in 2002. state fish and wildlife officials sa
oakland where police are investigating a shooting that left two people wounded. police were called around about 5:30 after residents called about gunshots. one person was shot at that location. authorities were also called out to secretary of defense shooting location less than a mile away near i-580. they found a vehicle that collided into a pole. driver's side window was shot out and another person was struck by gunfire. both shooting victims took themselves to the hospital. there is no word on conditions or if any suspects have been arrested. >> the father of a petaluma girl found dead in south lake tahoe he now understands the pain that families go through. she was found dead yesterday. her family hosted a fund-raiser to bring support for families forced to deal with missing and exploited children. nick smith was there. >> melissa touched the hearts of so many people. >> evidence of that can be seen here at beyond the glory in petaluma. they will donate 10% of sales to missing and exploited children inspired by the loss of one of their own. >> she was -- most energetic people i've eve
of field operations. moore leaves his post this friday. >>> this will be a pivotal 24 hours in oakland. the city council will decide whether to hire a high-profile police consultant at tomorrow's meeting. laws have been resisted by oakland voters. that's what nypd william bratton is known for. and the city has proposed hiring him for $150,000 consultant contract. bratton is known for new york's stop and frisk policy, which was declared a violation of civil rights by a federal judge last week. critics of bratton expect to show up. >>> a shooting happened right in the afternoon. the city's gunshot detection system alerted police to that crime. officers responded and found 24-year-old jonathan behind an oakland street. he had been shot multiple times. a second victim showed up with gunshot wounds, as well. he's listed in critical condition. >>> a warning for women after a violent attack in a popular san francisco neighborhood. here's a sketch of a suspect that was released today. police say he tried to rape a 31-year-old woman in the mission district earlier this month. the victim says th
rosa, 27. half moon bay 40. princeton, 36. 38 oakland, 34 mountain view, san jose, 35 but livermore is 29 and even oakland airport showing some 30s. zero in tahoe. i know it was 4 below in truckee. 26 ukiah, 28 sacramento and redding at 24. it's cold. mostly sunny. this system out here is falling apart. there will be a stronger one coming in on late friday, saturday but i think it will go right down to southern california and miss us. mostly sunny. high clouds are coming up. 50s, low, mid, around the bay, you will find some upper 50s to near 60. oakland downtown which will probably be warmer than the oakland airport. pittsburg, 55. gilroy, 63. santa cruz, 59. cue her tino is -- cupertino is in there. it may be warmer in daly city than brisbane. colder, cloudy to mostly cloudy on sunday. and back to cold and sunny days on monday. >>> thank you, steve. 7:10. a new policy is in place to help prevent violence at san francisco homeless shelters. shelters are allowed to close their doors to people who are violent or make threats outside of the shelter. the new policies were approved last
-threatening injuries. the altercation remained under investigation. >> starting next month, the city of oakland will start issuing municipal photo id cards to undocumented workers. >> that will show a person's address, height and weight similar to a driver's license. >> this the first type of id card that can be used as a debit card. the move may violate federal immigration laws. but oakland mayor jean quan argues congress is felt to pass copperheads immigration reform and that something has to be done to help the immigration-- immigrant population in oakland. >> we know that day laborers that people who receive cash or be more open. there is to be a way for the people not to be afraid. of not to report a crime but no. >> residenthere is a onetime application fee of $15 and up to a dollar monthly fee. >> residents will have to go to designated loading stations in the oakland area to load money on to the card. >> prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty in the murder of a monte sereno and. >> one of three suspects javier garcia, appeared in court or the judge ordered him held without bail. >
of violent crimes. >> when you commit violence in oakland, we are going to do whatever is in our authority to go after you and to make sure that the violence ends. >> the raids were conducted in oakland, el sobrante and santa cruz. officers also seized semi- automatic weapons and gang memorabilia. the raids were part of oakland's operation cease-fire. the city's program is to help stop the advice and persuade gang members to lead productive lives. >>> no deal yet on a new compliance director for opd. state leaders and lawyers can't agree on who should assume sweeping new power over police. so east side has submitted a list of candidates to the judge in the case. whoever he picks will be responsible for completing a long list of years-old court- ordered reforms. to do that, the compliance director will have authority to overrule oar even remove opd command staff if necessary. >>> you can call it a dream come true for silicon valley jet setters. the bay area as first direct dreamliner route to tokyo launched today out of san jose. cbs reporter len
---tiempo de la primera pausa pero al regresar, take vo ---buscan que un hecho violento en oakland pueda ayudar a una mujer hispana a obtener un beneficio migratorio. take vo ---la matanza en connecticut lleva a un empresario a diseÑar prendas antibalas para niÑos.. los detalles al volver. segment ends blanca ---una mujer latina que interpuso entre una bala y su hijo en una iglesia de oakland, busca los medios legales para que ese tragico suceso le permita la posibilidad de lograr los documentos legales en este pais. take 2 box ---angel ayllon nos trae la historia... adelante angel cuentanos. 0:01 0:11 0:35 1:32 1:54 2:13 take pkg vi la bala que venia a mi hijo y yo lo cubri... asi fue como maria teresa salvo a uno de sus gemelitos, usando su cuerpo como escudo ante las balas perdidas que entraron a esta iglesia cristiana la pasada navidad cuando afuera un pistorelo pretendia matar a un joven en hechos ajenos a la iglesia. ahora la heroica mujer y sus hijos viven su propio calvario... bite yo soy el sosten de mis hijos, de mi padre y de aqui tambien ahora maria teresa necesita pagar ay
---hoy fue condenado a 25 anos de carcel, el adolescente de 16 anos de oakland que fue declarado culpable de asesinar a sus padres adoptivos... take vo ---durante la audiencia, moses kamin, declaro al juez que el esta consciente que muchas personas creen que es abominable por los homicidios cometidos en su hogar de oakland en enero del ano pasado... ---el menor habia sido suspendido de la escuela por fumar mariguana y sabia que sus padres estarian molestos con el y fue el movil del crimen... ---el joven dijo sentir mucha pena por los asesinatos pero que espera que nadie de los afectados lo perdonen... blanca ---en la bahia continuan los esfuerzos de desarmar a la poblacion por parte de agencias policiacas. take vo ---maÑana sabado, el departamento del alguacil del condado de san mateo, realizara un evento donde se podran canjear armas de fuego por dinero en efectivo. ---se estaran ofreciendo 100 dolares por cada pistola, escopetas o rifles y hasta 200 dolares por un arma estilo militar. take fs ---el evento sera de 10 de la maÑana a 2 de la tarde en el centro de eventos del condado de s
in court again tomorrow. >>> and the city of oakland plans to issue special id cards for people without legal immigration status. yesterday, mayor jean quan showed off an example of the card, which is also designed to function as a debit card. the city expects to issue 6,000 of these cards this year but is still trying to work out the details of the system. critics contend the cars will legitimate might see the presence of illegal immigrants. >>> there is a new clue in the case of a dog killed in a san francisco robbery. police say the man seen running away in this grainy surveillance video last friday had just mugged a woman and threw her dog into oncoming traffic. the owner says she treated that dog like a child. >> seg everything in my head and wanting to break everything and seeing everything in my hundred dollars, screaming at the top of my lungs. seeing everything in my head. i just want her back. >> there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> it's chilly. no advisories in effect today, though. >> that's kind of surprising. the temperatures are similar outsi
court. reyes' brother survived. >>> oakland police are trying to prevent more gun violence after several shootings this weekend. two men and one woman are the latest victims. they were shot on harmon avenue around 12:45 yesterday afternoon. police say their injuries are nonlife threatening. it happened just one day after four people were shot and killed in separate shootings. three men and a 17-year-old boy were shot during a six hour period. police say the shootings are linked to ongoing feuds between several groups in the city. the violence brought out community outreach member who have a message for young people. >> they should look at this and know that no bullet has a name on it. >> so far no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. this year there have been six homicides in the city. >>> it could be several more days before the oakland unified school district headquarters reopens. the building flooded last week after someone accidentally left a faucet running in a custodian's closet. it caused damage to the building and some of the equipment inside. >>> time now is 7:38. it'
today because the clouds will continue to roll in before the rain. 45 in oakland, 39 in napa. still a chilly start and still within a few degrees of freezing. and if you're in fairfield, you're below freezing and 34 in livermore and down into areas of mountain view, 32. so mostly gray skies and a cool start to the day. and the winds light and they'll increase this morning. and with the front that you see back here, 150 miles off the coastline, we'll come to gusty conditions, ten to 20 miles an hour expected in the afternoon and then those winds will actually subside. so this is what to come for your saturday. let me show you when i expect the rain to arrive. we're dry for the time being. and if you have errands to run and you don't like to do it in the rain do it early. by 2:00 it will move into the north bay and crossing over into the bay area and widespread over the north bay at 3:00. 4:00 in livermore and 5:00 into the central valley and dinnertime we're all getting wet. evening hours, scattered showers in the forecast and they'll remain into tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon
in oakland. livermore has 44 degrees and theys are warming up into below 50s and there is a big of a big area in the san jose airport. sunny and chilly start to the day and clear. on the cool side and as we look to the week ahead, the good news to work outside. we have some sunshine this week. a few high clouds on the way from the pacific northwest and these clouds will mostly be heading to the north and just skirt the bay area. later in the day and towards sunset, we might see a few high clouds and looking for the pretty sunset. we don't look for any rain beyond that and mostly sunny skies earn the bay. heading out, this is looking good and this is from monday. at the ain't, the winds out of the northwest and no delays expected at this moment and rain and denver in chicago and new york's got rain mixed with snow and a high of 36 in the big apple. 55 degrees for us today in santa rosa and sonoma county and travis air force base. 54 degrees at fairfield; 53, lifermore and oakland, 53 in san francisco and in the extended forecast, we have fried eggs for breakfast. and temperatures in the upper
what needs to be done to make oakland safe. >> plus, the falling apple. why the stock took a big hit today. >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a frigid day across the bay area. temperatures dipping well below the freezing mark in most cities overnight. palo alto, cars parked on the street and the grass covered in ice. >> the cold snap is posing a threat to crops in the sevcentr valley. so key for our state. farmers are watching thermometers and taking precautions to protect the citrus crops. >> all across the bay area, watching the mercury. jeff ranieri tells us when we'll get a break. >> it will take another two to three days before those temperatures gradually start to warm up. i'm starting off with the coldest spot this hour that is danville at 39. also pleasanton. livermore, 44. and right near the bay also a very cold for oakland this time of the year at 49 degrees. three of the top coldest spots set for tuesday morning, gilroy could go down again to the mid 20s with 25. napa 26 and livermore 27 degrees. that's about ten degree
for the bay shore. 42 in fremont and 45 in san francisco which is the warm spot. and 38 in oakland. more high clouds mixing with sunshine with temperatures in the low to upper 50's. >> we have a stall to report on upper deck of the bay bridge. road work in the two right lanes to the center until 5:00 this morning but there is no slow track. just be aware if you are headed there. the golden gate bridge, road work on the northern portion until 5:00 this morning down to one lane in each direction on the golden gate bridge and road work until 5:00 this morning in the left lane, and road work in oakland area which is typical, 880 in both directions. katie and kristen? >> we are continuing to follow developing news in the search for a petaluma teen who disappeared new year's eve. there could be new leads from alyssa byrne's cell phone. now, live in petaluma. >> i am at the sports bar in petaluma where they will have a fundraiser tomorrow to raise money for the search teams, the local people who are doing what they can to get the word out about the 19-year-old missing woman who has been missing sinc
that swept the fog out and just minimum fog for the valley. san francisco at 53, oakland at 56. 53 at livemore. santa rosa up 55. there's the extended forecast, temperatures slowly warming until the end of the week. the bigger story will be the chilly overnight lows. there will be plenty of sunshine all over the place. >>> thank you. there was a fierce warning for republican party by one of its own. >> louisiana governor said that the gop needs to compete for every single vote. >> we have to stop being the stupid party. >> time to articulate the plans in real terms. i'm here to say we had enough of that. >> that was frank talk from the governor speaking of the republican national committee in north carolina. >> for more on the state of the party, we have the republican party joining us this morning. it looks like we're having the post election we've lost, let's examine ourselves and start trying to figure out what to do the next debate going on. >> it's probably natural to have 3 or 4 months of soul searching, it would be unhealthy if we didn't.
treated at the oakland zoo and veterinarians say he is very sick. they are trying to take care of him. >>> california may be getting close to putting the great white shark on a protected species list. groups have specialed the state citing two studies that estimate only 338 great whites remaining off the west coast. a team of state officials is skeptical about that low number. but on monday, determined there is enough evidence to protect the species as threatened or endangered. the issue is now in the hands of the state fish & game commission >>> for the first time since 1996, nobody was elected to baseball's hall of fame yesterday. the big reason of course is steroids. former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds did not come close to being voted in on the first ballot, only 36% of the baseball writers who voted saying that bonds belongs in the hall of fame. that's far short of the 75% required. roger clemens, sammy sosa, also denied. i think clemens got 37%, sosa only got 12%. >> it's such a polarizing issue, something we debated yesterday
in hopes of getting an $800,000 artifact returned to the oakland museum. the gold box stolen in the museum's second break-in in just two months. >>> and it's the annual warning from health officials. get your flu shots. they say flu season could be very bad this year. hospitals in some states are crowded because of so many flu cases especially out in the midwest. >>> traffic and weather coming up after the break. stay right there. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >>> good morning. towards the bay bridge, just your usual commute, unfortunately, it is back to work and you can see everyone there approaching the macarthur maze. that is where traffic is stacked up to for about a 20- minute wait to get you on the span. metering lights are on. elsewhere, westbound 237 is improved a bit near the 880 interchange for silicon valley commuters in san jose. an accident near candlest
abc7 news. good morning i am kristen sze. oakland city leaders will make a major announcement of a surge in violent crime. five people were hit in a drive-by shooting at seminary avenue and walnut street after ten other shootings in the city since friday. oakland vice mayor wants to declare a state of emergency, to clear the way for help from the state. the city council says the city leaders took part in conference calls for an emergency plan. emergencies on the roadways. what going on traffic-wise? >> the peninsula is rough, kristen. the abc seven app shows a three car accident half an hour ago with traffic spotters reporting heavy traffic southbound from 380 toward the scene. other hot spot is southbound 680 where an early accident backed all the way to 242 and toward highway 4, south 680. >> how cold is it this morning? >> welcome back, check out impending sunrise from our roof camera. it is clear and cold this morning. the temperatures show napa and novato in the 20's, and 32 in los gatos and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 30's. keep the pets [ cheers and applause ] >>
. that's where temperatures have really dropped. culpeper 34. oakland 32. lots of low to mid-40s in many of the suburbs this morning. fredricksburg is 38. reagan national 50. don't expect much change from that after we drop off a little bit. upper 40s to low 50s for the afternoon highs. 4:26. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. >>> in hagerstown, just west of that, i-70 westbound green castle pike, overnight a construction crane fell across the road and blocked it off till almost 3:00 this morning. in case you heard about it, it's all cleared up. the lanes are open. so you can go through that area without a problem. here on the outer loop of the beltway after new hampshire avenue, there is construction in place taking up two lanes but volumes are very light. here's what it looks like in germantown. no problems at route 118 coming in from fled rick. let's -- frederick. let's go to the west side of town on the westbound side of the dulles toll road, blocked off at connector road one more time because of overnight construction. inbound 66 looks great coming in from centreville. we'll
the bay bridge. the san francisco oakland bay bridge. an oil tanker, more specifically according to ktvu fox 2 for the bay area it struck is support for the bay bridge just about 12:20 this afternoon. about 15 minutes ago california time. this brings back awful memories for the people of san francisco in the bay area in general from a collision that happened in 2007 when a 900-foot container ship struck that same bridge and more than 53-gallons of fuel oil poured into the bay, killed by local determinations more than 6800 birds and harmed a herring spawn that winter. closed the beaches to swimmers for weeks. this one, though, there are no signs of any oil leaking at all. the coast guard is responding. the tanker appears to be intact. whether there s anything more to this, we don't have any way to know yet until the inspectors get throughout. at first glance at least there does not appear to be an oil spill. the headline anneal tanker struck a support for the san francisco oakland bay bridge. any new information from the coast guard we will ring to you you reit away. the syrian president
's eve. rei[ft has a record of swault a deadly weapon. police credit the technology and;óozw oakland's new shot spor response team officers are assigned to respond to alerts. >> i'm hoping the team turns into the lion king and we keep running it over and over. >> the police department doesn't have man power to keep the response team on the : , that was the first time they've had a team on the streets since 4th of july. the chief says that that is going to change. challenges and communities response? that is the story we're working on for abc 7 news at 6:00. in oakland, mark math use abc 7 news. >> a shipment of counterfeit items were seized. finding chargers worth more than $600,000. the equipment carried forged apple logo designs and logos from under writers laboratories. >> it's a victory for google. the company cleared of claims that an unfairly favorors it's own services in search results. this puts an end to a 19 month antitrust probe against rowed to license patents considered essential for rival mobile device likes the iphone and ipad. >> we want to take you straight now to la
checking in at 42 degrees, upper 30's and oakland. east bay interior valleys and some of our north bay spots temperatures are dropping down into the 20s. concord is at 28 degrees where below the freezing mark and livermore. by 8:00 a.m. all the purple onion is green indicates most of us will hopefully be in the '40's. the lighter purple indicates some and locations will be holding on to the 30's. setting the clock and the motion mid to upper 50s by lunchtime, low 60s at some spots in the bay. 8:00 p.m. tonight it is a mixed bag of '40's and low 50s. the national weather service did not issue a freeze warning or a frost advisory for today but it is still cold out there. the good news is we will make up for it into the afternoon. a great day ahead of us with upper fifties and low 60s and the south bay. campbell is coming in at 61 degrees and 89 in mountain view. 56 for danville 57 for union city downtown san francisco checking in the upper 50s 57 for napa and vallejo and richmond is coming in at 58. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a warmer weather is on the way. high pressure is in c
. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. later today oakland city officials are expected to announce a new plan to deal with gun violence after a number of weekend shootings that included four killings in the city. >>> one person is being treated for smoke inhalation and burns on an arm after an apartment fire in berkeley this morning. no word on the cause of the fire on acton street. >>> san mateo has a special public hearing tonight on the feat of a 7-eleven store that opened a couple of weeks ago. neighbors complained about the special rezoning that allowed the store to open up in a vacant building. >> traffic and weather coming up. >>> good morning. if you're coming down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 approaching cutting, we have an accident blocking at least one lane. you can see that it's stacked up in the area as far back as hercules. a live look westbound 237 that silicon valley commute brake lights from milpitas to zanker road. that drive time in the yellow. and to update you on this problem spot in walnut creek southbou
and frisk policy to oakland from new york. it's just been declared unconstitutional. >> here is the overseas rig in the bay. an accident classifieds a major incident by the coast guard. good evening, everyone. >> abc 7 news has several new developments in the crash investigation to report to you tonight. the national transportation safety board has joined the investigation, the coast guard is now calling this a major marine casualty because there has been more than half a million dollars in damage. >> the i team learned more about the man at the helm of the ship yesterday. guy cheif. >> again, tonight we have live coverage, wayne freedman is in the field dan noyes here with us in the studio. leanne, let's start with you and an up to date report on the investigation. >> the person who will represent the national transportation safety board is barry. i just found out mr. strouch arrived here late this afternoon. and he will be on board that ship tomorrow morning. these are the first close up pictures of the damaged section of the oil tanker. investigators took the video while examining the int
long this big chill will stick around. plus: a violent weekend in oakland. nearly a dozen people are gunned down in two days. the drastic measures being considered by the city today. and the lockout's lifted... but is there any love lost? how sharks fans are responding as the team hits the ice. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in washington, light rain, 59 degrees. showers in atlanta, 60. partly sunny in st. louis, 27. partly cloudy in denver 21 and partly sunny in seattle, 39 degrees. >>> it's rare to interview a sitting supreme court justice, but sonia sotomayor sat down with scott pelley to talk about her difficult past and how it helped her achieve a bright future. in her first broadcast interview on "60 minutes" sonia sotomayor talked about her early diagnosis of diabetes and how it changed her life. >> reporter: her body would forever be dependent on insulin, but her ambitions were set free. >> i had a life in which i was in a
temperaturewise. 70 degrees in gilrogilroy. 66 in oakland. tomorrow just about as warm. we'll take your temperatures down a couple degrees as we get into super bowl sunday but still staying nice. monday into tuesday, clouds increase. then we get showers, jon, on wednesday. we need that rain. over to you. >> we indeed do. that's truly a feel good forecast. thank you very much. we'll have another local update coming your way in one half hour from now. we hope to see you then. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> take a look at that image right now. you're looking at severe flooding going on in montgomery county, maryland, part of the powerful storms that moved through the south and spawned powerful tornadoes in adarsville georgia, wednesday, demolishing homes and businesses. al will have more on that system in a couple minutes.
perpetrated against black people in california by the oakland police in an america catching up to the promise of the civil rights legislation. members of the organization received training from experienced instructors and how to maintain and shoot guns. they carried them openly in public in compliance with the police and the laws at the time. go as far as to police the police to patrol them as the police patrolled oakland residents. the response was broad and decisive. a republican state assemblyman proposed a state law that would make it illegal to carry a loaded weapon in any city in california. the law created to disarm the black panthers would affect all gun owners in the state of california. in a dramatic showdown, they responded with their version of nra lobbying on capitol hill. they showed up with shotguns on the state capital building in sacramento. they were prevented from entering the chamber, their message was received loud and clear. it was signed into law by someone who seems an improbable advocate for gun control. this guy. no, your eyes are not fooling you. that is republican
and to the entire newtown community. i am from oakland california. our thoughts and prayers are to you. 15 of my constituents were shot last week. could you please give us an idea of what cities and police officers and mares confront in terms of daily gun violence? >> i want to add my appreciation for the incredibly touching and courageous remarks today. i can tell you i have renewed resolve because of your courage and dedication and compassion and i recognize this is the day to commit, from this day forward, that we need comprehensive federal reform so we are doing something meaningful about the gun violence in this country. i come from the district in new mexico where we have significant gun violence and tragedy. many of the questions i would have asked have been asked. a new question. in the aftermath of this incredible tragedy in newtown, and i want to make sure i recognize, what can we do in congress today to help the healing of newtown? >> thank you. >> thank you, my condolences. also to the representatives from the virginia shooting. my sincere condolences. we live in a culture of violenc
. temperature readings right now mainly in the 40's. 44 san rafael. 45 oakland 39 concord and chilly spots fairfield in a relatively mild 50 degrees here in san francisco. and these are our forecast feature. rain arrives tomorrow and pretty wet day for most of the day in the evening hours. few showers trailing behind on sunday morning then partial clearing at least for much of the day on sunday and sunny milder on monday tuesday. low drop down to 34 at nap a.35 santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. chilly but not the kind of frigid cold weather we had the last few overnight and early mornings. satellite image shows high pressure weakening now giving way to advancing cold front springing up big mass of includes and moisture with it. and rain from this system that will arrive tomorrow. forecast animation 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at that point we see more clouds than we have now and a little bit of rain beginning to touch parts of the north bay. but by later in the day 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon or so 2:00 o'clock we see rain beginning to spread from north to south down past the golden
. >>> oakland police say computer technology helped officers take a very powerful weapon off the street. >> sounds like that setoff the system on new year's eve. officers headed to the area of 84th avenue within seconds of the gun shots being picked up by group of micro phone placed around the neighborhood then try ang oscillating where specifically the shot was coming from of certificates can even see real time map in the patrol cars showing the location of those sounds. >> the way it work when gun is fired our sensors are tripped to detect large boomer bang sounds that are very similar to gunfire. just goes to show given technology the right amount of resources and correct direction we can really make a deputy in violent crime. >>reporter: special shots support team found a man who had this rifle police say he has a history of committing violent crimes too. happy to get him and the rifle. >>> more to bring you this thursday night. google competitors were hoping the federal investigation would yield a slap in the face. however google received what some consider a slap on the wrist.
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